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Not a coyote, but I’ll take it:



It’s just the musk from the glands that brought in this deer, who is apparently too wise to come into the other camera.

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Morning diners

I woke up this morning to these two breakfast diners, a doe and her “button buck” fawn.


They have been eating acorns that have been blown onto the bank.  Acorns are vital for white-tailed deer in this area. They are about the only food that can give them the right amount of fat and protein to make through the winter.



If you look closely, you can see the buttons just above his eyes.


The buttons are the first set of antlers that a buck will have. These will be shed in mid-winter, and next year, he will likely grow what is called a spike rack.

If he were a fallow, we’d call him a prickett at that stage, but the correct term for a white-tailed deer with small antler without any tines is a “spike buck.”




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The sun was not cooperating, but look at the beards on those toms!


Outside of the mating season, male and female turkeys form sex-segregated groups.

Oh, and a word about the terminology:

In the UK, the term for a male turkey is a “stag.”

In North America, it is a “tom” for a mature male and a “jake” for a younger one.

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Maybe a little too close! His butt almost took down the camera!


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Check the time stamp.


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As you may have noticed, last week I had two trail cams out. One was in a beech wood, deep in a hollow, not far from creek, where lots of animals come by to drink.


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“I’m on camera!”


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