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I’ve named the pekins Churchill and Homer. They are not sexed, but I think the names fit.

Churchill is the bigger, fatter one. Homer is big and yellow and loves to eat.

Churchill on the left; Homer on the right.

Churchill on the left. Homer on the right.

Close-up of Churchill :


I had never really noticed it, but Pekins have blue eyes. They are dark blue, so you can’t really tell from a distance.



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The beginning of life on the water!

But not too happy about it!

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Russian gun dogs 1907

These hunters must have been borrowing heavily from the British traditions. Two setters or a setter and pointer in the cart and black retriever in the front. These men may have even been British who brought their dogs in the Russian wild for a some “primitive” rough shooting in the Irkutsk region of Siberia.

I cannot make out the birds they were hunting. Maybe snipe?


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Well, the Rouen duck hatch was a failure. One duckling out of 20 eggs isn’t good hatch rate.

But because the remaining duckling needs companionship to learn how to be a duck, a trip to the feed store was due.

Two Rouen/mallard crosses, which are sold as “mallards” this time of year, and two pudgy, lazy pekins were added to the brooder. The Rouen that hatched is the duck in front  of the pekin that is lying down.

I used to incubate chicken eggs when I was a kid, and not a single egg hatched.

For just a few ducks, I don’t think incubating is worth it. Plus, it is crushing when you have one that was able to pip through a shell and then die, which is what happened this morning.

All the eggs in the Janoel incubator are dead. The embryos formed so perfectly for 3 weeks, and then they just died.

These five will be a good start to a flock, which will likely be augmented with Khaki Campbell mutts as the summer progresses.

So the Rouen hatch was a failure.







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Healthy and hardy. Very social. A dinosaur that fits in the palm of your hand.






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All fluffy

Rouen duckling

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rouen duckling 1

rouen duckling 2

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