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Redneck Santa

redneck santa


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Miley appeared on the trail camera. She is checking out some red fox urine, but she’s pretty much doing what a coyote would do.

Of course, you can tell from previous videos that she’s quite a bit larger than those coyotes!

You can also see that she’s moving pretty well. Her TTA looks to have been a success.

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This is me on Ginger Ale with Bull the farm collie in the background:

me on ginger and bull

The photo was taken in my grandparents’ backyard.


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This barred owl decided that if golden eagle could do it, why couldn’t he?

owl attacks deer

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west virginia cougar

This image suddenly started floating around my Facebook Feed. The image is of a “mountain lion” (oh I loathe that name for them!) that was spotted roaming in Wayne County, West Virginia.

I tried to do a reverse Google images search for it, but it didn’t show anything.  Sightings of cougars and black leopards are a dime a dozen in the Eastern US, and dodgy photos of them are valued at even less.

I’m skeptical.

This cougar is out in the middle of the day and appears to be unconcerned with the truck. That’s really atypical behavior for these animals, and any that wandered in from the West are going to have a healthy fear of people.

I don’t recognize those pines or evergreens as being any kind of native pine. The closest I can get to them are Virginia pines, and they really don’t fit the bill at all.

Now, cougars have been confirmed in Tennessee and Kentucky, and Wayne County borders on Kentucky, though not anywhere near where these animals have been sighted.

I would love for this image to be a genuine Wayne County cougar, but I’m not at all convinced.

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A dusting

We got a little dusting of snow, and it’s likely the only snow we’re going be getting for a while. (Last year, we were about to plunge into polar conditions).



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Coyote sign







And the old dog himself:

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