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Byers Lake

I went on a nature tour of Byers Lake yesterday.  Salmon spawn there, but the only things abroad, other than people, were a pair of common loons and a pair of trumpeter swans. But they were on the other side of the lake, and I don’t have the telephoto capacity for them.

But man, what a view!







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Alder cones


Unusual for a deciduous tree, alders reproduce with cones. They also make it very hard to look into a forest, which could be hiding a bear or a moose.




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Moose tracks and sign

This is the first of my Alaska posts. At Denali State Park, we came across moose tracks and sign. We decided against following them into a little ravine for a very simple reason. There were a few calf tracks mixed in with the big ones, and no one wants to meet a moose cow who wants to protect her calf!


Moose tracks are a lot larger than I expected– much larger than a domestic bovine’s.


Moose scat:


Calf track:


(Not my hand).


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To the Last Frontier

I’m off to Alaska for almost two weeks. I’ll keep you posted.

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Some thoughts from Edward Abbey

“Every man needs a place where he can go to go crazy in peace.”

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My guess is she’ll be laying eggs soon.


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Raccoons out foraging

These two raccoons are in their summer coats, and I think they are females that have been nursing young. If you’ve never seen one before, they have an interesting way of moving. They are plantigrade but light on their feet.

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