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Most beautiful Christmas song

I’m a nonbeliever, but this is beautiful:

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Yep. This has to have been the first documentary about wolves I ever watched. Jim Brandenburg and David Mech hanging out with a wolf pack from a population that has never experienced persecution:

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Wild sheep

Zech Beard, my sister’s boyfriend, was in Montana a few weeks ago, and he came across these bighorn licking salt along the road, including a pretty nice ram.




We saw a lot of Dall sheep in Alaska, but I didn’t get any photos of them.

So I’m glad Zech let me share these bighorn here.



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Gray foxes will actually come to eat corn set out for other animals. Their dentition is actually much more aligned for an omnivorous diet than other canids.

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Trained black-backed jackal

I might sound weird, but if I ever go to Africa, this is the first species I want to see:


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Making coydogs

Shepherd dog mates with coyote bitch and the resulting litter of coydogs. From Stanley Young’s The Clever Coyote (1951):


Dog genes have worked their way into the coyote population in much the same way.

This was a captive coyote, but this does happen in the wild on occasion.


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Hairy coyote scat

Deer season means a lot of deer carcasses and “spare parts” for the coyotes to clean up.


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