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You may not know this, but I like both breed a lot.  Of course, you already knew this about golden retrievers, but I think Bostons are by far the nicest little dogs you can have. And if I lived in an apartment, I would get one instead of a golden.

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This is a photo of some early Tweedmouth dogs, perhaps at Guisachan, dating back to the 1870’s or the early part of the 1880’s.


It is pretty obvious that black dogs were a part of the Tweedmouth strain, which makes sense. After all, the many of the important dogs in the outcrosses to the line were other wavy-coated retrievers, which were almost universally black. The early Tweedmouth dogs were small, showing the strong Tweed water spaniel influence that was apparent in the breed. The yellow dog on the left is a dark golden, while the one in the middle is a mid-gold dog with what appears to be brown skin pigmentation, which is also probably the result of the Tweed water spaniel’s influence.

My suggestion that these black dogs are of the same line as the yellow ones is based on their appearance. These black dogs are of exactly the same type as the yellow ones.  Interestingly, these dogs all have straight coats or possess just a slight wave.

The small size of these dogs is quite remarkable. Today, goldens and flat-coats are large dogs, averaging 60-70 pounds for both breeds, although the golden technically can range down to 55 pounds for bitches in the American Kennel Club. A few goldens can be only 40 pounds, but these dog are a rarity.

This size suggests that the Tweed water spaniel was probably a mid-size dog, not a large one, and it was probably smaller than the modern Irish water spaniel.

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