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Hitler feeding some roe deer, 1936.

Obersalzberg/Hitler füttert Rehe,um 1936 - Obersalzberg/Hitler feeding deer,abt. 36 -

Good thing these deer met the animal-loving Hitler and not Goering, who probably would have shot them!

I am aware that Western roe deer are found throughout Europe, but I most strongly associate them with Germany for some reason.


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dog art

As most of your correctly figured out from the signature, this is an Adolf Hitler work.

Hitler was a decent dog artist, as this page clearly shows.

He wasn’t a Rembrandt, but surely the world could have withstood another mediocre artist much more easily than the genocidal monster that came out of that art school rejection.

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Proof that you can’t always trust someone who likes dogs:


I love how Blondi looks like a Malinois with typical black-and-tan GSD coloration.

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