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I was the victim of a golden retriever attack this evening.

I came across the fierce creature savaging a chicken.


She then attacks the camera.

I’m lucky to have gotten away with just three licks!

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3-year-old mauled by golden retriever.

Time to ban golden retrievers.

They are dangerous to humanity.

Can’t be trusted.


Just like a loaded gun–ready to go off at any time.

Miley, we’re on to you!

Miley running toward her prey.

Nota bene: In case you didn’t know, most of this post is satire.

Miley attacks only wasps (and by that I mean those of the paper variety, not White Anglo-Saxon Protestants).

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From sharriman2

I mean does anyone see that this is NOT what this breed is supposed to be!

This dog has real issues.

And they want to ban pit bulls?

Yes, that will take care of all the biting dogs in the country.

And if you believe that I’ve got some ocean front property just outside of Pheonix for you.

And there’s a Nigerian bulldog puppy waiting for you!

A good way to reduce dog bites is to breed supposedly “safe” breeds to have the absolute best temperaments possible.

These “safe” breeds often don’t get the training and socialization they need, and if you have a inbred tendency to get a little nasty that just starts to appear in these dog, you can have a nasty dog on your hands.

The golden retriever is one of the top breeds for biting in North America. And this is a real shame.

This breed has severe health problems.

So many lines have lost their biddability and “intelligence.”

But the one thing they had going for them was their wonderful temperament.

That’s why I keep saying that this breed must lose popularity. Only then can it be rehabilitated into the almost universally wonderful dogs that they once were.

I say this as someone who deeply loves the golden retriever, who would never be without at least one, and who cherishes these dog for what they are.

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Note the color and body type. Not a field bred dog.

Now the number 3 biter.

If you want a golden, you’ll have to hunt very hard to find a good one. And be willing to wait.

I guarantee you that this dog’s owner got him because the dog was light-colored and “calm.”  Breeding for calmness, as we have seen, messes with the brain chemistry of what are generally good tempered and biddable dogs. Goldens are low fear and low aggression, but adding low activity leads to higher chances for aggression and seizures.

This is why you cannot adjust a working breed’s temperament to fit the needs of modern society. You are going to push the biology of the animal too far.

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