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Apparently when you own a real bulldog, you still have a dog that can hunt and kill.

Who knew?

This dog has been described as a bulldog or an “American bulldog,”

Whatever it is, it’s still a predatory mammal of the order Carnivora.

That means most of its ancestors killed bigger things than sea lion pups to survive. Furthermore, it’s some kind of real bulldog, and those dogs were used to control half-wild medieval cattle, bait bulls, catch wild boar, and bay up brown bears.  They have been bred for powerful jaws and strong prey drive.

Even if this dog is sweet and gentle with people and other dogs, it is still going to have instincts and the prowess to be an effective predator.

Without training to teach them to avoid hunting certain animals, most dogs will hunt them.

My guess is that certain quarters will be spouting about how dangerous this dog is.

This particular dog not that dangerous.

She’s no more dangerous than this one:


The only difference is Miley killed a baby rabbit, which is from a species that isn’t protected by law, and this bulldog killed a baby sea lion, which is protected by federal law.

Many people get freaked out when dogs exhibit predatory behavior that actually results in the kill.

I find this quite interesting, because no one seems to get freaked out when cats do it.

And cats do it far more often and far more proficiently than any dog.

Predatory behavior, which people often incorrectly call “predatory aggression,” is something you sign up for when you bring one of these animals into your home.

And while it’s certainly true that dogs wind up forming very strong bonds people, they still have their heritage within the species of Canis lupus and the order Carnivora.

However, it’s pretty easy to train dogs to leave certain species alone.

And if they don’t want the dog killing sea lion pups, all they will have to do is invest a little time and effort into training it.


Having seen dogs kill things in the wild my entire life, I’m really quite shocked at the reaction of the people in this video.

This is so foreign to me that it  make my stomach churn a bit.


If you think this is unnatural behavior for a dog to hunt sea lions, here’s a video of a relatively close of the domestic dogs targeting the pups of another eared seal species:



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There are long-haired American bulldogs, which strongly suggests a relationship between bulldogs and the collie-type herders.

This dog doesn’t have extensive feathering, but it has some, if you look closely.


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(Source for image)

This dog is a cross between two mixes. Her dam was a mix between an Airedale and American bulldog, and her sire was a border collie/sheltie mix.

And she looks like an English shepherd.

Hmmm.  I think this provides some photographic evidence for my theory that English shepherds have a bit of the old herding bulldog in them.

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This breed is really the most extreme example of what happens when the dog show fancy goes bizerk. It’s been bred as a show dog, though, ever since there were dog shows. It’s a breed that has been very much institutionalized by the fancy, and as a result, its entire gene pool is horribly messed up.

The original bulldog looked something like this dog, an American bulldog. This old type of bulldog was imported to the colonies of Georgia and North and South Carolina in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries to help catch half-wild cattle and swine. Because the South became full of feral swine in the succeeding centuries, the original catch-type bulldog continued to exist there.


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