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American Foxhound

If I had been alive in the 1950’s and the internet and blogs were exactly as they are now, this blog probably would be called “Foxhoundman’s Weblog.”

I live in scent hound country, and traditionally, the dogs kept in my area were scent hounds. Various breeds of foxhound and coonhound were quite common here, and in the higher elevations, bear hounds also had a presence.

Today, one can still find these dogs when you’re out driving along country roads. They are usually kept tied to dog houses or steel barrels lined with straw.

However, the number of people who do it has dropped in recent years. Hounds aren’t easily kept by people who work long hours. Their baying can get on the neighbors’ nerves, and they are far from what we would think of as tractable and obedient dogs. They are meant to follow their noses, not our commands. They are meant to run long and hard, even if their ears get cut by thorns and their pads get nicks on them. These are tough dogs.

But I guarantee you that if I had been alive during those halcyon days of coonhounds and foxhounds, this blog probably never would have mentioned the word retriever.

I would have been fully immersed within the hound dog culture, which now seems so remote.  I probably would have had one or two or maybe a whole pack.

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