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This post is a hoax.

Do not quote it as fact.

It is nothing more than an April Fools’ Day hoax.

The only part of it that is true is that my great great grandparents’ homestead is on Lower Run. There is a hunt club nearby, but it is on the Calhoun County side.

I hope there is no Ken Olsen who works for the US Geological Survey, because the one in my post was entirely fictitious. His name comes the late Stanley Olsen, who was an expert on ancient dog remains that were found in archeological digs, and then I played around with Stanley to get Stan and finally Ken.  If it had existed, I am sure Stanley Olsen would have loved to have examined that dire wolf skeleton. But that’s as far as the resemblance goes.

Dire wolves went extinct in the great extinction that happened in North America about 12,000 years ago.  It is unlikely that anyone will find one younger than10,000 years old.

I deleted a comment by Lane Batot yesterday, mainly because I wanted to see how many people would fall for the post.

(Please forgive me. I am juvenile.)

Lane was interested in exactly what a dire wolf was, and if we had a good DNA sample, we could figure out where these animals fit in the genus Canis. Lane was interested in knowing if it might be possible that dire wolf genes could be in modern North American wolves.

Good question!

I’m going to some posts on the evolution of Canis in the next few days.


I hope you can forgive me for my antics. I’m from West Virginia, and April 1 is taken very seriously here.

And I am not the only person who has engaged in these sorts of internet hoaxes.

My favorite hoax is the one on Minnesota bull sharks. It is the gold standard in these April Fools’ pranks.

However, it is not the only good one.

Last year, the Carolina parakeet was rediscovered.

Now, these things aren’t that hard to write.

It just takes a bit of pseudo-knowledge and a bit of imagination to write a piece of Grade A bull-plop.

So if you see something fantastic on this blog on April 1 again, it may not be true.

Remember, I am not without a sense of humor. I hope that you don’t get too angry with me over this revelation.


This is the supposed range map for the dire wolf. West Virginia wasn’t part of its range:


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