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Two of these dogs are quite notable in golden retriever history.

Let me list names of the dogs first

From left to right: Dual Ch. Balcombe Boy, Noranby Crash, and Ch. Noranby Campfire.

Noranby Campire was the first champion in the breed. He was born in 1912, and everyone has seen what he looked like as a young dog. He is at least ten years old in this photo, as his grizzled muzzle clearly shows.

I have no idea who Noranby Crash was, although I am fairly certain he was one Winifred Charlesworth’s dog. I cannot find him in any of the online pedigree databases, so I’ll just leave it there.

The dog on the left, looking particularly keen, is Dual Ch. Balcombe Boy. He was the first dual champion in the breed. His breeder was the 1st Viscount Harcourt, whose dogs were the Culham line. His pedigree included both Culham and Ingestre dogs, which belonged to the Earl of Shrewsbury. He was owned by a Mr. Hermon, who received Boy as a gift from Lord Harcourt. This dog was whelped in 1919 and completed both titles by 1922.

This photo had to have been taken shortly after 1922, because Boy looks very much in his prime here.

Because he is leaning forward, the photo actually does not do him justice. He was actually a very nice looking dog. (See page 66 of  Marcia Schlehr’s The New Golden Retriever for a better photo.)

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