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A Yellowstone wolf sounding hauntingly familiar:

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This black-backed jackals are telling this leopard that its cover has been blown. For an ambush predator like a leopard, having its cover blown ends its ability to hunt properly. This barking actually gives the jackals some control over the situation, which is a good thing for them.  Leopards like to eat jackals (and dogs), but the leopard doesn’t particularly want to get bitten. If the jackals know where the leopard is, it has lost the element of surprise.

This barking is simply to tell the leopard that its whereabouts are known.

Barking really isn’t an alarm call. Both jackals in this pair know about the leopard.

It’s about communicating with the leopard.

And when wild dogs bark, that is about the only reason they do so.

However, domestic dogs use their barks for a variety of purposes.

And humans can tell what those barks mean, just from the pitch and tone.


Whether dogs are consciously using these barks to communicate with us, I cannot say.

But they are using these barks differently than the jackals are.

The jackals are telling the leopard that he has been seen and that he shouldn’t try anything.

That’s the only thing the jackals are trying to communicate.

Dogs have to communicate with naked bipedal apes with God complexes and nuclear weapons.

So they use what their ancestors reserved for only very narrow purpose for a wider range of communication.

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