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This Ivan Marx film also includes infamous footage of a wounded sasquatch limping around.

That creature was actually Marx’s long suffering wife. She is dressed all in black and limps around for the camera.

This film is really nothing more than Ivan Marx filming his vacations and hunting trips, all of which are strung together with this bizarre narrative about bigfoot.

The whole thing falls flat, if you ask me.

Marx should have stayed with making mediocre nature films.

Of course, I doubt he would have made as much money with that footage.

He needed some sizzle, so I guess he asked his wife one day, “Honey, we aren’t breaking even on my nature films. Will you dress up as bigfoot and limp around for me?”

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This is hilarious.

Definitely a costume.

In fact, I know a local man who is a bit of a camera trap fanatic who had his wife dress up in a gorilla suit.

He has his camera trap set up over a carcass of a road-killed deer.

He has had some very interesting photos, including a fight between his feist dog and a red-tailed hawk.

For a joke, he had his wife dress up in a gorilla suit and stand over the deer carcass. He then took the photos e-mailed them to all of his family and friends, some of whom believed it was authentic.

The camera trap leaves a time stamp, and his wife was photographed in the gorilla suit on two different occasions that were nearly two weeks apart.  Because he had photos from two different dates, one of the people who believed it was real warned him to stay out of the woods because “That thing is staying around there!”

BTW, has anyone heard of the famous Ivan Marx footage of a limping bigfoot? Marx also had his wife dress up as a sasquatch and filmed her limping around.

You can see  his entire crappy documentary on youtube!

Do I believe in bigfoot? Not really.

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According the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, the “Georgia Gorilla,” is a fake. Now, I don’t know why I’m quoting this organization, when I know it is very likely that there is NO BIGFOOT OR SASQUATCH. However, when the “mainstream” bigfoot organizations debunk something like this, you know it has to be false. It turns out that there is a Halloween costume that you can buy for $499. All they did was take this costume, get it dirty, put dentures in its mouth, place it in a freezer, and then travel to the local abattoir for some hog guts to place on top. I don’t know if it’s true, but this explanation is the most parsimonious and is the simplest. Ergo, it is probably closer to being right than the hypothesis that some Georgians found a bigfoot body in the forest.

Also, there are inconsistencies about a supposed scientist who verified the bigfoot. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that a Dr. van Buren appeared in a youtube video uploaded by one of the Georgia Bigfoot enthusiasts. It turns out that that Dr. van Buren is actually a brother to one of the men who found the bigfoot. This smells so like a hoax.

BTW, I  am amazed how many clicks this blog has received since I started covering bigfoot. I mainly cover dogs, wildlife issues, and evolutionary biology.

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