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bigfoot killed

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Wow! I was right!

New DNA evidence shows that sasquatches are actually a hybrid human species!

I’m sure this is the only reasonable explanation of this data, and we need to change all our laws to give bigfoots full personhood, including voting rights.




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Mr. Moneymaker probably doesn’t want to see this!


This is a very good introduction to thinking scientifically and skeptically.

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You don’t even need to think very hard to see that this is a person in a hoodie.

And the cameraman on the ATV has rather skillfully manipulated the camera just as the supposed bigfoot comes directly into view so that your eyes can’t discern that this is a person in a hoodie.

But I’m sure the crew from Finding Bigfoot will be convinced that it’s real.

I almost guarantee it.

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Get a big stick and “rough talk” him:


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Basically, this show is about four people who wander around the backwoods somewhere in America, listening to eyewitness accounts. One of these people is a skeptic. Two are believers, one of which also models as the sasquatch for scaling purposes.

The other isn’t just a believer. He’s more or less a bigfoot fanatic.  Matt Moneymaker pretty much thinks any sound or sign in the woods is bigfoot sign. He’s got a great imagination.

He also knows so many exotic things about bigfoot that you’d think he were something like the Jane Goodall or Dian Fossey of the sasquatches.  That’s probably why he’s president of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization and you aren’t.

He’s actually a bit like Cliff Clavin.

Here he is explaining to Renae, the professional scientist and skeptic of the team, why bigfoot doesn’t attack cattle:


See, bigfoot doesn’t attack our cattle, so we won’t kill their deer.

That arrangement works out so well.

I’ve never heard of an American killing a deer to eat.

That’s just a totally foreign concept.

And I’ve never heard of sasquatch killing a cow, so they must really have things worked out perfectly.

He also thinks that bigfoot is the cause of many deer and car collisions.

Yep. Sasquatches use cars to kill deer!

It makes perfect sense!

I just wonder why you never see a bigfoot picking up the deer that it chased into traffic to kill.




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Bigfoot on gamecam

LOL. This is very well done!



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