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Contrary to rumors on the internets, the Astraean border collies have seen sheep.

If not, these are pretty good sheep cyborgs.

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Ah, remember when we were told that Wiston Cap had nothing wrong with him and that there have been no other popular sires in the border collie?

Well, Christopher Landauer analyzes Wiston Cap’s contribution to the pervasiveness of collie eye anomaly in border collies.

He also finds that there are more popular sires in the bloodline besides Wiston Cap, who isn’t even the number one sire.

Please note that he’s not saying that the disease originated with that dog.

What he’s saying that such overuse of this dog has made it possible for that disease to be pervasive in the border collie.

Here are the OptiGen numbers on the pervasiveness of CEA in the various collie breeds.

Compared to North American shelties and Australian shepherds, CEA is a bigger problem in the border collie than one might suppose.

The popular sire effect exists in border collies, and it has been detrimental to them.

These are simple facts.

No screeds can change facts.

Only listening to evidence objectively can help us change things.


Please note that I am not selling anyone’s dogs on this blog.

Christopher is a breeder, but he is selling the dogs on their own merit.

All I am doing is promoting his ideas and calculations on this blog.

These calculations simply shatter the myths that trial dogs are inherently healthy because they are trialled and that border collies are not subject to the most-used sire effect.

These are just myths.

I would have expected this from the AKC fanatics.

But I did not expect such denialism from working dog people.

See earlier posts.

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This is Zappa. His father is Mercury. Mercury belongs to blog regular Christopher Landauer.


The description to this video says “This is Zappa. He’s destined to be famous. He’s a chocolate tri border collie male from the Mercury x Mara litter.”

If he does become famous, this is one of the first places you saw him.

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Wiston Cap, the most used sire in working border collies.

Wiston Cap, the most used sire in working border collies.

My favorite post from Border Wars.

Oh. I forgot to mention it.  Border Wars has returned! And you won’t get a virus if you visit the blog.

If you’ve not been there, it’s kind of like my blog, just it’s for border collies and the politics are very different.

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