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I’ve never seen a serious discussion about type divergence in the Bouvier des Flandres.

But I’ve never seen one in person that look like this dog:


But most of the ones in North America look like this:

I’ve not seen any discussion about how or if the increase in hair has changed this breed.

Even the ones that are pretty shaggy are still capable of doing the task for which they were originally bred.

But I think that the dog in the top image looks more intimidating.


So if anyone knows more about this breed and how or if there are any type divergences within the breed, please let me know in the comments.



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Reader Kim Bates sent me this photo of her Labrador/Bouvier des Flandres cross named Sylvie.

She is almost twelve years old but still loves to swim and retrieve.

This is a cross between two of the most versatile working dog breeds, so it is likely to catch on as a performance-bred crossbreed.


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Lucky taking Reagan and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher for a walk.

The dog most of us associated with Ronald Reagan is Rex, a Cavalier King Charles spaniel that William F. Buckley Jr. gave to him when as a Christmas present.

However, before Rex, there was Lucky, a wild Bouvier des Flandres. It was given as gift by a supporter as a small puppy– which later developed his herding instincts and charged after the press pool. I guess it wasn’t a fan of the liberal media.

Lucky once bit Reagan so badly that it drew the blood.

And the herding dog was sent to the Reagan Ranch.

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