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His name is Jacob, and he’s available for adoption through Black Retriever X Rescue in the UK. He looks very much like a golden retriever, but he’s saddle tan and has brindling on his face and legs.

The e/e genotype that golden retrievers have masks any black hairs from appearing on the coat. Most goldens are dominant black dogs with this genotype.

However, other markings can be hidden by the e/e. Brindle, black-and-tan, and sable have all been found in goldens, but they are never observed without a genetic test.

Or an outcross to another breed.

Jacob is very attractive dog, and if you read his profile, he’s a very well-behaved and good-natured dog. He certainly deserves a good home.

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Yes. This is a brindle Chesapeake, and unlike the brindling on the Labradors, this dog has brindling throughout its coat.

Because all Chessies are brown skinned (bb), the brindling is dark brown, not black.

The coat texture and the fact that the brindling isn’t as clearly contrasted makes it more difficult to discern.

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Some goldens must carry kbr.

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