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The closed registry system is so nineteenth/twentieth century. This is what the dogs need now.


David Cunningham comments on this blog pretty regularly.


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These dogs, which are obviously part Martian, are escaping from their enclosure!


Who knows what kind of horrors have been unleashed!

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The AKC recognizes this dog as variety of Brussels Griffon. The same goes for the black Belgian Griffon.

In Europe, the Brussels Griffon, the Belgian Griffon, and the Petit Brabançon are recognized as varieties of the same breed.

These dogs are derived from Dutch dog called Smousje (not the same thing as the modern Smoushond), which was then crossed with the pug and English toy spaniel to make the modern brachycephalic griffons.

This pug influence can be mostly obviously seen in undocked Petit Brabançon. They look like smaller pugs that have very moderate conformation.

My guess is that minature pinscher may have played some role here.

A few years ago, there was a minor designer dog craze for “miniature Rottweilers.” Someone had crossed a pug with a minpin, and some of the resulting offspring  just happened to look a bit like very small Rottweilers. However, it was decided to name the crossbreed the “Carlin pinscher.” The French word for pug is “carlin,” so it makes some sense that a cross between a minpin and pug would be called something a little more refined than “pugpin.”

The “mini Rottweiler” color may get more attention, but take a look at this red Carlin pinscher with a black mask. Doesn’t this dog resemble the Petit Brabançon in the painting?

One final thought:  I think it’s very strange that we call the Petit Brabançon a “griffon.” In every other context in dogs from French-speaking countries, griffon always refers to wire-coated dogs. The PB is smooth-coated.




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