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A buck with a damaged antler is the first to visit this year’s feeding station:

The antler could very well continue to grow out at this weird angle. The antler is still in velvet and will be for the next month or so.

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An old buck


Not bad for West Virginia.

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Not a coyote, but I’ll take it:



It’s just the musk from the glands that brought in this deer, who is apparently too wise to come into the other camera.

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Little buck

Right behind a larger deer.


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On the trailcam:


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I had Miley out this evening. I was going to put the SD card in the trail camera and set it for the evening.

At the barn, Miley assumed this posture:


I zoomed in on her.


I knew she was smelling something at the far end of the meadow.

I told her to sit, and she did.

As I came around behind a black cherry that had already lost its leaves, I noticed a gray form standing on the grassy point on the far end of the pasture.

I zoomed my camera in from behind the cherry tree, and I saw antlers!


I was able to adjust my position, and I got this shot of him.


This buck has been on the trail cam many times, but this was the first I got him on my handheld camera.

Miley was able to smell this deer from over 100 yards.

Golden retrievers have good noses, and they also have a lot of sense.

You can learn so much when you go out with them.

Now, I certainly would have seen this buck had I continued on without the dog, but Miley gave me a heads up and a chance to plan my shot out a bit more.

The human and dog relationship is “primate seeing” and “canine smelling.”

And it works pretty well.

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Buckfight club

Two bucks sparring before the trail cam:


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Another buckfight

This one is better than the last one!

another buckfight

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A fine buck

Just call me a “game cam maestro.”

fine buck

fine buck 2

fine buck 3

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deer game camer morning buck


Already starting to lose his summer tawny.

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