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Buddy Davis might be a nice guy, but he promotes lots of ignorance as a creationist musician.

He’s best known for this wonderful song:


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This is “designed” for children, but I think Barney has far better songs:


And the notion that a stuffed dinosaur can turn into talking, super-friendly t-rex is about as realistic as the theory expressed in this song.

Let me see: God took bits and pieces of other animals to make the platypus? Why couldn’t He just just create it as is?

I don’t think Buddy Davis has ever seen a platypus. In our popular imagination, the platypus is just a duck-billed beaver with venomous spurs (in the case of the males).

Um. It’s not.

The size of a platypus is much smaller than we Norther Hemisphere denizens expect. They are less than two feet long and weigh just a few pounds.

A beaver is the size of a mid-sized dog.

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