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Or being jerks about it:

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One of my little pet peeves about the American English language is the use of the term “buzzard.”

Buzzard is a word that is almost always applied to New World vultures, but this application is not correct.

In the strictest sense, buzzard is a term that applies to the hawks in the genus Buteo.  In Eurasia, there is a species called the common buzzard, which looks almost exactly like a red-tailed hawk.

This particular redtail was hanging out on the telephone lines.

Before I snapped this photo, there were two of them. The other was much larger, and it had to have been the female of the pair.

This male hawk has a darker breast than most of his species in this area. Red-tailed hawks vary greatly in appearance, but around these parts, they are the only birds of prey that are this size, which makes them pretty easy to identify.



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