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When we were kids, all the children in our family would buy hermit crabs as “living souvenirs” of our annual trip to the beach.

The crabs were not native. They were imported from the West Indies and sold in massive cages at the various “gyp joint” souvenir shops that unfortunately pollute most vacation spots.

When we bought the crabs, we always bought the little crab terrarium that came with them, as well as a several shells that we were absolutely certain the crabs would move into once they outgrew their current domiciles.

Of course, they rarely liked the new shells, and I remember one of them dying because it couldn’t find a shell that suited it.

On the Outer Banks, virtually every gift shop has hermit crabs for sale.

I wonder if they might start carrying glass shells for them.

Those tourists who live inland really do need a better selection of shells for their crabs, but it’s next to impossible to get unbroken marine snail shells this far inland.

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