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From Hunter-Trader-Trapper (1912).

Morgan County, Ohio, is just west of where the Ohio River forms the border between West Virginia and Ohio, in a region that is called Southeastern Ohio or Appalachian Ohio.

The “coon dogs” are purpose-bred creatures. They don’t appear to belong to any of the established or then establishing coon or foxhound strains. Judging from the time period, I wouldn’t be surprised if they both had an Airedale ancestor.

Hunting raccoons with hounds is still a common practice for this region, but the pointer would be a bit of an anachronism today. During the time of this photo, bobwhites were very common in the many cultivated fields, but the species is in decline today.

Pointers are the traditional “quail dog.” ┬áIn my gestalt, they are dogs of southern plantations and preserves. Their main utility is in pointing bobwhites.

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