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Making coydogs

Shepherd dog mates with coyote bitch and the resulting litter of coydogs. From Stanley Young’s The Clever Coyote (1951):


Dog genes have worked their way into the coyote population in much the same way.

This was a captive coyote, but this does happen in the wild on occasion.


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Supposedly, this is what happens when a dog coyote mates with a domestic dog bitch. I hate the term, and thus, I shall never use it.

I suppose someone was being cute and tried to get the terms to match tigon and liger. However, ligers and tigons are very different animals, even though they are the result of crossing the same two species.  Ligers tend to get quite large, while tigons tend to be quite small.

I’ve not seen any evidence that coydogs with dog mothers are different from coydogs with coyote mothers.

So to me, they are all coydogs, and that’s the term I’m going to use.

I don’t pronounce the final e in coyote, so dogote sounds like “dog-oat,” which makes absolutely no sense.

I also don’t use the term “coywolf.” The proper terms for wild animals that are of  permutations of that cross are the red wolf, Eastern North American wolf  (C. l. lycaon), and the Eastern coyote.

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