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Look at the antlers on that stag!


It was a 60 pound button buck, and he and his sister came in. She ran off three times and came back. I didn’t want to take a little deer. He just stood there, and well, I thought: “What would a wolf or cougar do?”

The Rage broadhead took him quickly.

So one deer off my license for bow season.

I have found that this little blind works well with these pressured little Allegheny mountain deer:


I also weighs only 14 pounds and comes in a backpack, and it also takes 5 minutes to set up.

And you can shoot a crossbow or a compound bow inside it!

I’m not here to revel in gore. Deer populations have to be managed, and last year, the bumper white oak acorn mast meant that many more does than normal would have twins. This year’s acorn mast isn’t as impressive, which means lots of little dear like this button buck will starve to death, wind up hit by a car, or eaten by coyotes. In the dead cold of February, when the acorns are all gone, he won’t be among those starving. And his share of food will go to a more wary deer.

That’s how it’s gone on for millions of years, and humans have been hunting deer here for maybe 13,000 years.

And it will continue on.

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