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The remains of an American crocodile have been found on "Ysabela" (Fortune Island or Long Cay) in the Bahamas that date to Columbus's time. Columbus could have killed a small American crocodile there in 1492.

Check it out.

Long Cay has a large saltwater pond in its center, which is probably where Columbus killed it.

American crocs live in the very salty Lago Enriquillo in the Dominican Republic, and they would have no problem living in a salt pond.

The Atlantic Ocean has no sea snakes.

So an American crocodile makes sense.

They are found in Florida and in other parts of the West Indies.

And they could have easily lived in the Bahamas.

The size of these animals means they were both juveniles.

Perhaps the natives of the Bahamas were keeping them as pets.

Or maybe a female American croc laid eggs on Ysabela and the juveniles wound up thriving there. It was just a one time thing.

But the people hunted them until they disappeared.

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