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I watched this film many, many times when I was a child. I think it had some influence on my love for frontier stories and our regional dog breeds. I’ve read the novel on which the film is based. (I’ll warn you that Miley Cyrus is the music played on the youtube video, in case you haven’t already clicked it).

The dog that plays Old Yeller in the film was a Labrador cross named Spike.

In the novel, the dog was a cur of some sort.

If this film is ever remade, I hope they use a cur and not a retriever.

Labs didn’t exist in the 1870’s, at least as we know them now.

And the first real yellow Lab didn’t exist until 1899.

That dog was Ben of Hyde.


This is an actual photo of Ben of Hyde retrieving trout, just like the dog in the dog in film caught fish.

This is a photo that shows Ben’s rather feathered tail, and I’m beginning to wonder if he might have had a Tweedmouth strain of wavy-coat in his background.

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