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Black-and-tan dapple dachshund. Photo by Erwin Loh.

From Dog World

Dachshund breeders in the UK and the Kennel Club are to be commended for this action.

Maybe the next step will be to allow dogs with somewhat longer legs so they don’t move around like weasels or mink. After all, this is still a working breed. The smallest doxies are supposed to go after rabbits in pipes and tunnels. Their small size has a function.

There is nothing wrong with this color in dachshunds. It just should be bred responsibly.

Important note: The dog above is a single-dapple. Her sire was a black-and-tan dapple (silver dapple in every country but the US) and her dam was a solid red.

Let’s hope other merle breed fanciers get their acts together.  Dapple and merle are the same color genetically.

Another breed that comes in merle (and may be a descendant of the Dachshund):

Blue merle Cardigan Welsh Corgi. Photo by Muu-karhu.

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