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The VGP is the highest level test for a German versatile hunting dog. This one is focused on a black roan Deutsch-Drahthaar with the unfortunate name of Laika (which is an entirely other kind of hunting dog!)

Yes, these tests are performed in the US and Canada. It is the only way North Americans can maintain German versatile hunting dogs that are fully equivalent to those in Europe.



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Amazing footage from the eagles!

Also, check out the wire-haired vizsla-DD cross dogs.

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Deutsch Drahthaars are most common gundog breed in the German-speaking world, and they are used on a wide variety of game.

But this one is a gentle soul, who dotes on all sorts of animals that his kind normally hunt.





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In Iceland:

I think the more accurate name for this dog is Deutsch Drahthaar than German wire-haired pointer.

They have the same root stock and could be considered the same breed, but the DD is bred according to a strict performance standard that the German wire-hair (at least in the English-speaking countries) is not.

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