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I admit it.

I was wrong. I thought there was no way there could be giant three-toed dogs running around the backwoods of West Virginia. I thought those Mountain Monsters guys were full of crap.

But I when I took Miley out this evening, she didn’t want to go.

And then I cam across these tracks:

devil dog track

These were huge dog tracks, but they were unlike any dog I’d ever seen.

I noticed they appeared to have only three toes on each foot. Where a normal dog or coyote would have two toes in the middle, it looked like whatever made these tracks has had this toe replace with only a large single toe with a very long claw.

Interesting! Three-toed carnivorans have not been documented before!

Then I hear the brush crash about a hundred yards ahead of me, and out the clearing came a giant whitish yellow beast. It was twice the size of Miley.

I jumped behind a tree and turned my camera on. I zoomed in as close as I could, but in the evening light, the resolution was terrible.

Here’s what I saw:


I’ve never seen anything like it!

It was like a giant wolf-bear creature– very similar to the one on Mountain Monsters.

The one on mountain monsters was much more short-coated than this creature was, but it does get a lot colder up here in North Central WV than it does down in Logan County.

I guess ours would have longer hair.

The creature then ran off into the brush, but I was amazed to have seen something so unique. I suggest that we call this species Canis luciferus– ┬áthe devil dog!

Of particular interest are its tracks. Notice how long the claw on that middle toe is?

I think this species of dog must be evolving a long the same lines as the horse, which also started out with five toes on each foot. Then it became three. Then it became one.

This long nail must give the devil dog some advantage in running down its favorite prey, Canis latrans.

We’re going to need to set up camera traps in this area. My guess is there is pack of these things running around here.

And no, I’m not telling you where this is. I don’t want every yahoo in the country staking this place out!



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