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Phil is a dinosaur– a type of modern theropod.

NB: Phil does not look like this now,

NB: Phil does not look like this now. He is in eclipse plumage and looks positively manky.

You know what wasn’t a dinosaur?

A plesiosaur:

heinrich harder plesiosaur

Plesiosaurs were more closely related to modern lizards and snakes than to dinosaurs, but we popularly think of them as marine dinosaurs.

Phil is actually a small aquatic dinosaur,who can fly (short distances and not when he’s molting).

Ivan actually fits the bill a bit better:


Somewhere a long the line people never learned that birds are living dinosaurs, and that all these bizarre expeditions to find living dinosaurs in remote parts of the world have been an utter waste of time.

Dinosaurs are all around us.

They crap on our cars.

They appear in our fast food.

And their songs wake us up in the morning.

If you have a dog that is used to hunt birds, you have a dinosaur hound.

And whether those bearded fellows from Louisiana want to admit it or not, they’ve spent their lives trying to understand how to attract and conserve several species of duck-billed dinosaur.

I don’t know why not knowing that birds are actually dinosaurs doesn’t just blow people away.






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Not dinosaurs and not lizards either.


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Know your heritage

My little quibble is that birds still are dinosaurs!



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I cam across these dinosaur tracks the other day. They were relatively fresh, and it looked like a large herd of them had come through the day before.

dinosaur tracks

You can tell from the quad tracks that these dinosaur tracks are definitely contemporary with modern man.

dinosaur tracks 2

In case you were wondering, this species of dinosaur is well-documented.

It’s not a cryptozoological creature.

This dinosaur is called Meleagris gallopavo silvestris.

And their existence is entirely in keeping with the theory of evolution.

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This video is hysterical. It is over 2.5 hours of absolute poppycock.

I once watched this whole thing.

I will only do that once.

Kent Hovind resources.

My favorite of his red herrings:

He doesn’t know where the grizzly bear’s historical range was. I haven’t watched all of this version, but in one version of this lecture, he asks how many grizzly bears were roaming Florida 200 years ago. He thinks there were lots of them. I can tell you with certainty that there were never any grizzlies in Florida.

Grizzly bear historical range map.

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