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This is one of the dangers of the Dog Whisperer show– young fools try to imitate him.


These boys weren’t even being serious, but they were doing all the behaviors that Cesar exhibits on the show.

The dog still could have bitten them– whether they were being serious or not.

This is why memes can become so dangerous.

People see Cesar on TV,  and when they do it, even as a joke, bad things can happen.

Maybe that’s why the show has that disclaimer that says “Don’t do this without consulting a professional.’

Something similar was put on the Jackass and Wildboyz series. Of course, those shows were for comedic and shock value, not how to shows, like The Dog Whisperer. And people imitated them and got hurt.

That’s probably my biggest issue with the Dog Whisperer. Those techniques he uses are not safe for the average person to use or even imitate in a joking fashion.


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