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The uploader of this video writes:

“say in not my dog, she’s my friend’s dog, and he want his dog to mate with her brother. don’t worry with the pups, they will come out cute again like my grey pup. i’m curious if what color will come out. sorry guys…. but inbreeding is ok to animals right? [NO!] it depends to the breeders if they want…”

If you inbreed, you’re playing with fire.

If you are breeding merle to merle, which is what dapple or “tiger” dachshunds are, this is what you can produce.

If you want dogs to have a high risk of producing dogs that are blind or deaf or both and have a heighten chance of being homozyogous for some deleterious recessive, then go ahead and breed them!

The stupidity of people never ceases to amaze me.


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(click for larger image)

All his puppies are blue merles.

And many are superior show dogs.

But he’s blind--because he’s a double merle!

This dog was intentionally bred to produce only merles.

He may have outstanding conformation, but he can’t see.

This story reminds me an Ursula Le Guin story called “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas.”  In this story, Omelas is a land of utopian joy and great culture. It is way beyond Lake Wobegon. It is such a wonderful place to live and be fully human.

However, to keep things so perfect, a child must live in perpetual darkness and filth. His life is as miserable as those of the other citizens are wonderful.

When some people find out the truth about the source of their wonderful lives in Omelas, they can stand it no longer. Their joy is nothing but illusory. They cannot rationalize the child’s suffering anymore.  It pains them so much.

So they walk away.

This was the second short story I read in undergrad. And it moved me. It has shaped my political conscience in way that probably will always keep me a bit left of center, but it also has shaped my ethical sense. If I see people excited and happy about something, I instinctively look for the dark side. There is always a dark side.

These collie breeders who are extolling the virtues of the puppies produced from this double merle are the citizens of Omelas.  They sing the praises of the progeny– and use it all to justify the father’s defect.

It is truly perverse.

I just hope there are some good collie breeders who can walk away from Omelas.

Let’s not encourage people to breed double merle studs for this purpose.

It’s not something that we should be celebrating.

It’s truly a travesty. A macabre spectacle that appears to upset no one.

It garners only praise in the collie community.

It makes me a bit nauseous.

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