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The trail camera info listed the temperature on this photos as -2 degrees Fahrenheit.

squirrel 1

squirrel 3

What you can get on a trail camera on a winter’s day.



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Captured by trail camera, not shotgun.


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I finally drew some blood before this year went out:




Just need three more of them for a meal.

This squirrel was very fat, leaving off all the acorns that had fallen this year.




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Miley treed a squirrel today, but after it took to the trees, it let loose quite few alarm calls:


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I came across this little melanistic gray squirrel today, and naive as he is, he just sat there on that white oak branch and let me take a few photos and a few seconds of video of him.


In this particular stretch of woods there are black variants and normal gray variants, but they come in more color variants than I can describe here.

Eastern gray squirrels have two litters per year. This one was born in the late winter winter litter.  Its mother is likely already pregnant with her midsummer litter which will be born some time next month.

As I mentioned, I did get a little bit of video of this squirrel before he darted off:


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We don’t poke them out of dreys, but the rest is pretty similar:


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Miley treed a gray squirrel, and then she pursued it from tree to tree as it ran through the canopy– like a good squirrel dog should.

Because she’s  a golden retriever, she doesn’t bark at such trivial things as a squirrel running from tree to tree, but goldens are natural air scenters and will tree if given the opportunity.


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I saw this while out on the Coyote Highway:

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On Thanksgiving Day, I staked out a game trail that might as well be called “the Coyote Highway.”

Lots of wildlife use this trail between productive oak trees and pasture land.

I saw three deer– all does.

One came within 30 feet of me and never acted like she knew of my presence.

I also had a gray squirrel nearly run across my lap.

He was unusually bold.

I first noticed him half-way up an oak tree that was no more than five feet away.

He hung himself on the trunk and nibbled away at an acorn for about ten minutes.

Then he bolted down and ran within 18 inches of where I was sitting.

He then stopped, looked me over, flickered his tail, and then moved on his way.



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Miley bagged a gray squirrel that was too slow to make it to the trees today. Unlike with her previous failed attempt to catch a fox squirrel, she killed this one right off.

She’s proud of her kill:

No. I didn’t eat it.



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