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Apple did not fall far from the tree!  Same arguments as “Papa Fake Doc” Hovind!




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The only fossils of kangaroos that have ever been found are in Australia and New Guinea and the islands near there.

They have never been in the Middle East.



They don’t give you any evidence here. They just say that they have to have been in the Middle East because that’s where the ark landed.

If you want to know the real story of kangaroo evolution, check out Tim Flannery’s Chasing Kangaroos.

This is the worst I’ve ever seen it.

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By selling creationist paraphernalia and trinkets at churches!  I’m amazed ol’ Jesus doesn’t show up and run him out the the temple with a bullwhip.


I wonder if any of his trinkets keep the NWO at bay.

That was always his dad’s problem: the NWO was onto him!

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Eric Hovind on Noah’s flood:


I am fairly certain that the Afghan hounds were the “dog kind” that was on the Ark.

And from them all the dogs — both wild and domestic– are descended.


At least Eric didn’t do what his dad did– make up and rewrite other flood legends.

But he had only a minute. I am sure he would have started down that path if he had been given a chance.

While the  Hovind patriarch is in the poke, his creationist nonsense continues.

I know of at least one Kent Hovind disciple– other than his sons– who are putting this sort of drivel on Youtube.

Slowly but surely we are returning to the Middle Ages.







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