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These beavers were photographed on the bank of the River Tay in Scotland, where they were recently reintroduced after a 400 year absence.

You’d think that would be a happy story, right?

Well. They weren’t released with government approval.

These were captive European beavers that were released by private individuals or were escapees.

European beavers have been bred in captivity for many years, and different populations have been crossbred.

These Tayside beavers are not of any particular subspecies, so Scottish National Heritage decided to trap them. They weren’t trapped for their fur. Instead, they were brought back into a captive situation.

Wildlife conservationists are as prone to this purebred, typologicial thinking as domestic dog breeders.


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I find this morbidly humorous. European beaver attacks little girl.

However, the father was very stupid for letting the little girl walk up to pet the beaver. those things have teeth on them. Lewis and Clark just about lost Seaman to a beaver attack. And he was a big ol’ dog, not a little girl.

This video gets more bizarre when you notice the first frame….




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