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I believe this is a gyrfalcon, but I’m not really sure.

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This is a sixteenth century drawing that appears in Drury’s British Dogs, Their Points, Selection, And Show Preparation (1903).

The dogs are said to be water spaniels in the text.

However, it is unlikely.

It is true that two of those dogs look something like Irish water spaniels in body type.

However, the fact that the dogs are being used to assist hawkers has my suspicions raised.

The early land spaniels were the dogs most often used by falconers and hawkers. They would flush the birds, rabbits, and hares out of the cover.  The raptors would then catch them.

They may be hunting ducks with these “water spaniels.”  That reason may be why they are using hawks.

It is possible, but my educated guess is these men are using some earlier form of land spaniel.

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