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Fenton on a leash. He can't chase deer, but you can bet he wants to!

From The Sun:

The runaway mutt sparked global laughter after he was filmed herding 40 deer in a park with his owner in frantic pursuit.

Almost two million people have watched net footage of the retriever forcing the animals into a road through Richmond Park, South West London, as a plummy voice screams his name.

And his owner, an architect named Max, did not risk any repeat as he walked his boisterous pet on Wimbledon Common.

He kept the 18-month-old hound [flat-coated retriever] firmly on a lead, but still couldn’t stop him jumping up excitedly at other dog owners.

Dad-of-two Max and his family were reluctant to speak out, with dog walkers warned of potential prosecution for failing to control pets in Royal Parks.

But a friend of the family, from Southfields, said: “Max is mortified. Fenton’s a lively dog, but he’d never done this before.

“Max won’t be taking him back to Richmond Park any time soon and is considering giving him a new name if the fuss goes on.”

The Sun can reveal Fenton was given up as “unsuitable” by Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Gardener Ali Goodyear, 37, whose son, 13, shot the clip on his phone, agreed a partnership deal with YouTube — earning a cut of the site’s ad revenue. He made £500 in the first 24 hours.

LOL. That money can pay the fine for worrying deer!

The original reports that I saw said he was a Labrador, but he’s actually a flat-coated retriever, a breed that is quite a bit naughtier and livelier than most Labradors.

In case you haven’t seen it– here is it is!  Jesus Christ!


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Jesus Christ!


Deer chasing dogs are everywhere.

I say send him to North Carolina, where they like dogs that do that sort of thing!

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