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This litter was bred by Djanick Michaud of Zomarick golden retrievers in Quebec.

You can really see the intelligence in their eyes!



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Ricochet is the famous surfing golden retriever.

From ABC News:

Owner Judy Fridono discovered Ricochet had other ways to help.

“I wanted her to make a difference in one life, and she’s touched millions and millions now,” Fridono told ABC News.

Ricochet started boogie boarding at 8 weeks old and is now a pro on the surfboard. Fridono swears she adjusts her balance and stance depending on the disability of the person she is surfing with.

Ricochet is just as valuable on land: She has raised more than $100,000 for different charities on her Facebook page and her videos have gone viral, garnering more than 3 million views.

She is also a finalist for the annual “Hero Dog Award” from the American Humane Association, where she is up against a guide dog and even a military dog, all amazing animals. And while they all might rate a 10, only Ricochet can hang ten.

I’ve written about this dog before– the SURFice dog. 

This is the kind of golden retriever I really like.

This is my gestalt when I hear the words “golden retriever.”



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Ch. Cubbington Diver was an influential sire in the breed in the 1920’s and 1930’s.  He sired 7 champions. He was bred by Jacqueline Cottingham, who had the influential Woolley line.

He has such an intelligent expression in his eyes. He was truly a beautiful animal.

I have no idea why people decided to breed away from this type. When I think golden retriever, I think of something very similar to this.

I much prefer them to the polar bear and kodiak bear dogs.

Update: Diver is my new Gravatar. Sorry, Diana.

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Myrna Loy of Gilbert, Minnesota, sent me this photo of her late golden retriever named Mick.

Mick was a mahogany golden.

It’s not a very common coloration these days, even among field lines, where darker colors tend to predominate.

He was a beautiful dog and, as you can tell from what he has in his mouth, really got to be a real retriever.

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This golden is really intense after these snowballs. You’ll note that he catches several of them.

Retrieving is so intrinsically rewarding that the dog will continue doing it, even if the object dissolves into the snow. Some dogs catch onto the trick and give up on it.


I don’t think I have to tell you that this what I think a golden retriever should be!

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They’ve been replaced.

By a fad.

The cream-colored Newfoundland, posing as a golden.


Would you pay $1,000 and up for a dog that is likely to have no retrieving instinct, a surly temperament, seizures, and truncated (10-12 year) lifespan?

And here’s a lie that is being promulgated: the original goldens were this color. WRONG.

Ada was not a cream-colored dog! She was light gold!

Ada was not a cream-colored dog! She was light gold!

Ada was one of four bitch puppies born to a breeding between Belle. a Tweed water spaniel/water dog, and Nous, a dark gold wavy-coat. Belle had to have been a lighter colored dog than Nous, who was quite dark. The 1st Baron Tweedmouth bred this litter as a foundation stock of yellow or reddish wavy-coats.

Anyway, it’s pretty obvious that he did not prefer this color because he used a lot of red setter in the outcrosses to darken his dogs and given them stronger bird sense and stamina.

I’ve read this line about the cream being the original color too many times. It’s simply not true. The original color was light gold to golden red. Cream shadings were allowed. The light color was in the Tweed water dog, but it was not common among the dogs at Berwick-upon-Tweed, where the ancestors of the golden came from. It was only as the Tweed water spaniel died out that light colors began to predominate, perhaps through some ill-advised crossings with scent hounds.

If you can find me one of this light color that can work as well as the ones specially bred for work, I’ll drop my complaint. I’ve never seen one.

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