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The Bark interviews Karsten Heuer in the April/May 2010 issue. Heuer and his wife, Leanne Allison, made a documentary about their journey from Alberta to visit the renowned Canadian author and environmental activist Farley Mowat.  Accompanying Heuer and Allison on this journey were their two-year-old son, Zev (Hebrew for wolf) and their young border collie named Willow.

The family travel through the wilderness places that are featured so prominently in Mowat’s writings, including some epic wilderness canoeing.

When they arrived at Mowat’s home in Cape Breton, they meet Mowat’s Labrador cross named Chester. Because no more water dogs exist, it looks like Mowat has gone for the reasonable facsimile– the Labrador cross.

I am definitely going to have to see Finding Farley.


The most interesting part of the interview (for me, at least) was that Mowat has a manuscript of a book about Albert.

Not the wolf.

Albert the St. John’s water dog.

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