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It’s definitely a mosasaur!


This guy’s footage shows it to be in the same location as a mystery creature, which I agree is a manatee.

Manatees are known to live in the same areas as American crocodiles and American alligators. I am betting that it is most likely an American crocodile, just judging from the head shape.

Not only is this person abusing Occam’s razor severely by suggesting that the thing that looks like a crocodilian is a mososaur, he’s a creatard, too!

“Evolutionists say it went extinct!”

That really helps your credibility!

Kent Hovind wouldn’t even try to pull something like this.

It’s obviously a crocodilian. It’s of not a mystery animal, and anyone can see that!

No wonder MonsterQuest didn’t cover it.

It would have been the shortest episode in history.

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