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One fly turtle


I hadn’t heard of the Fly River turtle until today. I first thought it was a small sea turtle.

Well, it’s not. It’s a river turtle, and one that is highly evolved for the life aquatic.

They are native to Fly River in Papua New Guinea, but it also found in the Northern Territory of Australia, where it is called the pig-nosed turtle.

It was somewhat common in the pet trade, but it is best kept by experienced turtle keepers. It can be aggressive towards other turtles and is difficult to keep several of them in the same tank. Further, it is illegal to export them from their native countries, and very few have been bred in captivity. Smuggling the eggs has become a major threat the survival of the species.

I had never heard of this turtle until today, and I certainly am impressed with this species. I hope that its numbers increase in captivity and that it can be available to appropriate homes.


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