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He’s now much bolder around that blond creature.

But he’s still not 100 percent sure about her.

Somewhere in his evolutionary past, there was a dire wolf hunting his ancestors. Although his experiences with Miley have all been positive, the flight instincts are still too strong.

But none of the other horses pay much attention to her, so he has no real reason to be afraid.

Miley is doing all she can to get him to trust her. It is too bad they don’t really speak the same language.

Towards the end he runs up to his older brother to play, and you can see how gentle he is with him.

The birds are singing.

It’s a nice spring morning.

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What follows is a dog and pony show version of The Comedy of Errors.


Now this is not without precedent. Miley actually got a young white-tailed deer to play with her this winter, so she has a history of making friends with animals very different from her.  Of course, she believes that all other dogs are her playmates (even those who disagree).

Still you can tell that she’s a little bit afraid of the foal. She’s never seen a horse that small and with a body in those proportions. I can tell from her eyes that she really likes him, and she thinks he’s a potential friend.

But she’s still a little nervous, mainly because she doesn’t know what he is.

Some of these shots get really tight.  At one point, Miley circles around behind me and runs up to the camera and licks it. The black mare’s head is only about three feet away from where we’re sitting. I actually wasn’t paying that close attention to where she was in real space and time, so when I could feel her breath, I jumped a bit.

I’m on the hillside overlooking the access road. This side of the hill is relatively steep.

The only even remotely aggressive thing she does is let loose an annoyed grunt at the yellow dog.

She’s really a very gentle mare.

And this colt is going to be a fine horse.

He’s going to have a great childhood in the pasture this summer.

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The foal, who is currently a horse with no name, mugs for the camera.


Most foals are not comfortable approaching strange people.

And they don’t get much stranger than me.

He’s touching me with his muzzle when his muzzle when most of his face goes off frame, and I didn’t want to make a sudden movement and spook him.

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