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la plata dolphin

If you’ve been online in the past 24 hours, you’ve probably seen this image.

It’s of a young La Plata* dolphin that was plucked from the ocean at Santa Teresita beach in Argentina. Apparently, two were captured, and the beachgoers rushed around to get selfies with them.

As you might expect, one of these poor dolphins died, and its body was left to rot on the beach.

This has resulted in the greatest animal outrage online since that lion was killed in Zimbabwe last summer.

Although one can find rational defenses of limited lion hunting, one does don’t exist in this case.

This is simple human selfishness run amok.

Both of these animals suffered greatly for these selfies, and one died an agonizing death.

It’s just unacceptable.

But media does have some blame in this. The dolphin has been so glamorized that people will often do insane things to have some connection with them.

It’s a shame that this two creatures suffered so much from our love.


*La Plata dolphins are sometimes called Franciscana dolphins.



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