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Dare doing some show training.

dare good stack.jpg

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dare 8 months old.jpg

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Playing ball

Dare blue ball

The throw the damned thing face.

throw the damned thing

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Miami has the gait.

fancy strutter

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She was 8 months old on Christmas Day.

dare looking good

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Miami is learning not to bark at Zoom. She wants to chase him, but he has rules about dogs barking at him. She isn’t a fool, though.

miami and zoom

miami and zoom not please

She’s still very floppy. The ears will be posted soon enough, but I’m enjoying the mongrel-looking ears for now.  When they go up, you will instantly know what she is, but I am enjoying her cute little flops now.


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miami head shot

Yesterday, we were pleased to add another German shepherd to our home and breeding program. Her name is Kysarah’s Champagne & Citrus von der Dreistigkeit (not on Pedigree Database Yet).  Her call name is Miami, and she is a nice little brown thing.

miami running

She has several co-owners, including her breeder, Jennifer Kim of Dreistigkeit German shepherds.

So yeah, we got a couple of these things running around now.

She has very sable, easy-going temperament. She and I have really hit it off.  She is my little sidekick.

baby girl


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