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Plummer suggested adding more greyhound to the golden retriever/greyhound lurcher to make it fast enough for hares.

The following text come from Rogues and Running Dogs (1997):

This is a very different account than Plummer’s denunciation of the golden retriever as the “sycophant” of dogs in his Merle: The Start of a Dynasty (2000).

As I noted in my post on the golden lurcher, I felt that it would have been a very good dog to have.

Some greyhounds have actual retrieving instinct, and if one of these greyhounds happened to be used in the cross, these would be good “allaround [sic] dogs.”

I don’t know why he went so far out of his way to attack golden retriever lurchers in Merle, but he seems very appreciative of them here.

But as I have noticed, the more one writes, the more one tends to experience that most human of characteristics– contradiction.

Still, I wish he had used better terms for the friendly and biddable nature of the golden retriever.

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