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I don’t know what kind of lurchers these are, but they might be golden retriever/greyhounds, which were once a very common sort of lurcher.


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A golden retriever-derived lurcher. It looks like a sturdy, wavy-coated gold greyhound.

A few week ago, Jess at DesertWindHounds asked me why there were no golden retriever lurchers. Seeing as Miley is a golden that wishes she had been born a saluki, I thought that this was an interesting question. Jess seemed to think that it was strange that this type of lurcher seems absent from the lurcher population. After all, I have written about pure goldens catching rabbits and bringing them to me as presents– both dead and alive, so why couldn’t you cross these dogs with greyhounds and make a good retrieving lurcher?

Well, David Brian Plummer, the famous British dog man, answered this question in his book Merle: The Start of Dynasty, which is about the founding of his own strain of lurchers. He didn’t like the friendly temperament that a golden retriever would create when mixed with the equally friendly nature of a greyhound:

I wouldn’t have use the word “sycophant” to describe a golden retriever. I would have used the word “sagacious.”

And the reason why we would have used different words is because of our own anthropomorphism.

“Loyalty” is not a word I use do to describe dog behavior. Most “loyal” dogs I’ve known have been those that are really more reactive to strangers than to people with whom they live. I don’t think it has anything to do with our anthropomorphic concepts of “loyalty.” I could just as easily turn “loyalty” into “xenophobia.”  But I don’t think many owners of “loyal” dogs would appreciate that.

But as for this type of lurcher, I like the looks of it. And from the description of the dog, I think I’d like a golden lurcher’s temperament, too.

It would be a very good dog for just about everything.

And from the photo of the dog above, it’s a pretty dog, too.

Who cares if it’s a friendly dog?

That’s not a vice!

I suppose I prefer a friendlier dog, for I am very reserved and somewhat grouchy person by nature. Having a friendly dog is a good juxtaposition.

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