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This is Kizzy, the old “golden boxer.”  And sometimes the butterflies like to land on her.

She had this rusty tinge to her coat, which might indicate her color was “seal.’

But this tinge existed only during the summer months. In winter, she was as black as any Labrador.

Her father was a very dark brindle boxer from German lines and her mother a light gold golden retriever with black skin pigment. (Her mother was one of the ugliest goldens I’ve ever seen. She had a topknot!)


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This is one of my late dogs, Kizzy.

This is one of my late dogs, Kizzy.

Her mother was a show-type golden, which was my dog.

Her father was a brindle boxer. He was the neighbors’ dog.

She was black with a slight bronze tinge in the summer months. She had some white on her left hindfoot and white chest.

Most people thought she was a Labrador-boxer cross.

She had a wavy coat and a slight rough. In the winter months, it would really thicken.

She looks a lot like a St. John’s water dog. Richard Wolters found the last two St. John’s water dog’s in Canada. Check out their photos here.

Butterflies liked to land on her shiny, black coat.

Butterflies liked to land on her shiny coat.

Here’s another picture of her, just to get an idea of what she looked like:

Kizzy standing.

Kizzy standing.

She died of osteosarcoma last spring at age 11, which is not ucommon in either boxers or golden retrievers. She was a good dog, and a wonderful  companion with whom to enjoy the natural world.

Today, her cross is being offered as a golden boxer, which is a designer breed. The pics of them at this website include no black dogs, which may be so if the breeders are using fawn boxers in the cross. I got my dog for free because she was from an accidental mating. And you’re spending how much for it?

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