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This is a newborn gray short-tailed opossum (Monodelphis domestica) joey.

These opossums are from South America, and as New World marsupials, they are closely related to the Virginia opossum that is found in North America.

However, unlike the Virginia opossum and many better known marsupials, this species lacks a pouch.

The babies just cling to their mother’s teats.

These opossums are relatively commonly kept as laboratory animals, and sometimes, they are available on the pet market.

Unlike Virginia opossums, these animals are quite small.

They aren’t much larger than a hamster!

And because of their small size, they are often recommended as a pet, even though they aren’t available or legal in all parts of the country.

They certainly would make a better pet than Virginia opossums. Virginia opossums aren’t as easy to care for, and although they have an eclectic diet, it is pretty hard to get the right balance for optimal nutrition.

However, gray short-tails have their own commercially available and scientifically formulated food.

So it’s a much better choice for  a pet.


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